The Things You Need to Know About Functional Fitness

Do you know what functional fitness can do to your life?

Well, here are two major benefits of functional fitness:

  1. It gives you better flexibility to do common tasks that requires body movements every day. Some of these are common to you like walking, running, lifting, carrying, and so on.
  2. Functional fitness helps to improve your performance and the way you do your tasks and activities. This is regardless of whether you are a professional player, an employee, a construction worker or a simple homemaker. It also helps develop your endurance at vital tasks like doing your shopping or going on a night out with your friends!

So how does Functional Fitness work?

It teaches you to make your actions quicker with a single or series of movements. If you notice, we spend most of our everyday lives moving so it only means that when you are training yourself to become healthier, quicker and sturdier, you are also allowing yourself to apply the same foundation to your daily activities. With this, some people do not like working out on a machine as they consider machines as a waste of time. While machines help in some ways, they lack features that natural workouts can give like foundation, posture, coordination and balance – all of which are what we need frequently to perform better.

Just like any other workouts, functional fitness is not perfect in some ways. It can include some hard routines that may get a little out of proportion when it is not done properly. This can include various combinations like weight training, using Swiss balls, Tornado balls, and balance boards with different movements like multi-plane or multi-directional.

So where does Functional Fitness can go wrong?

You can usually see personal trainers and their clients doing some crazy odd moves when you go to the gym. To any novice, many forms of functional exercises can look a little harmful. People nowadays prefer using machines than engaging in functional fitness. At times, these people or personal trainers would be doing routines based on what they have seen in some health magazines. However, this fails to address one thing: knowing what is the required functional fitness for you. At times, you may notice that you do not really know why and your personal trainer is telling you why either. This is not ideal: you may be able to do all the easy to hard routines but you simply cannot engage yourself with any workouts without knowing the importance it will give to your body.

The Functional Fitness Core:

A strong base is what you need when you train yourself. You will find it handy at some tasks like fixing the roof of your house. Here, you will see what you need for having a good posture. a sturdy back and foundation, reduced pain and enhanced performance:

  • Flexibility – great for various of movements at all joints
  • Inner and outer (foundation) unit function
  • Performing the proper way of stretching as well as doing it also right when doing strength and corrective exercise to give correct balance to your muscles.

If you are thinking of having an enjoyable workout, functional fitness is the great way to start doing it. The best approach to tackle these three areas is to seek the services of a core/corrective personal trainers. CHEK trainers are specialists fully trained to address these three areas and they are world-renowned for their knowledge on how to bring ideal movement and function back. Other things you can do are attending to yoga or pilates class, doing sports massage, simple routines like sitting up straight and breathing fully. Moreover, if you are very serious, you can grab a copy of ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ by Paul Chek.

If you think it is not worth it going back to the basics, think again. You have two choices here: start now and gain maximum results eventually or do not do anything and be ready to feel back pains and see those saddlebags later in your life, which will force you to seek any so-so specialists teaching you good for nothing workouts.

Invest now to have a truly long lasting healthy living. However, do not forget that while functional fitness is a very enjoyable workout and is an essential part of your routines, you need to learn what your body needs first before anything else. Listen to it.

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