The Royal Court Is King For Functional Fitness

I got started on the functional fitness craze in 2005, after picking up a copy of Matt Furey’s, “Combat Conditioning;” which at the time, was the hottest thing since sliced bread.

I learned about the “Royal Court,” which was three exercises he did not create, invent, or anything else that had originality to it. instead the genius was in the marketing of the material. The guy found some exercises that Indian wrestlers had been doing for hundreds of years, and decided to package them into a fancy-schmancy new name, and sell it to the public.

This was during the early part of the internet days, when marketers were making millions of dollars a year, just selling ebooks. Those days are long gone, but Matt Furey’s program, Combat Conditioning, is still selling like hot cakes on an old-ass sales letter he was set up at his site.

The truth is the Royal Court works like a freakin’ charm – if you work it that is. The Royal Court is made up of Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, and a wrestler’s bridge. And all you do is do as many as you can of each, with the aim of getting to 500 squats, 100 push-ups, and a 3¬†minute wrestler’s bridge, all in under 30 minutes.

To this day I have not come close to achieving those numbers, but what I have done is built up a nice foundation I can use to work, and play, in all kinds of other activities. I can box better because I have the foundation. I can play basketball better because I have that foundation, Hell, I can even have better sex because of said foundation.

I won’t go into the exercises themselves, because there are many video online where you can find them being executed. in fact, I posted one such video down below:

The exercises kick major butt. As much gimmick as Furey puts into ALL his products, there is just as much real-world application. One of his older products, which he no longer markets, was known as Primate Power. That whole package was a marketing gimmick, but the exercises in there would still give you one helluva workout – and guess what – his marketing caused me to buy the $500 product, so I guess it worked, huh?

You don’t have to spend that type of cash – just use the exercises, and build a serious foundation with which to work other programs with.


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