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Are Your Teeth Functionally Fit As Well?

Do Your Teeth Work The Way They Are Supposed To Work?

People in America today are heading to the dentists in droves, because their poor health has affected their teeth. In case you weren’t aware, what you do to your body, affects your teeth. This is why back in the day, horse traders would look at the teeth of the horses they were about to trade up. They were able to determine how healthy the horse was by the condition of their teeth.

Guess what? We are animals too, except we are much more mentally developed animal – but still an animal. Anybody with a little dental training, can look into our mouth, and determine just how healthy we are. That’s what used to make the old time “medicine men” seem like wizards. They were able to determine by the color of your skin, or the color of your eyeball, how healthy, or sick, you were. Today, very few doctors, even with all the training they have, are still able to do that.

This is why it is so important that you make visiting your local dentist a part of your overall health program. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I put very little stock into what my doctor tells me. This is why I see several doctors for the same thing. I usually do a second opinion, but on occasion, have been known to get a third opinion as well.

I like all my doctors. I think they’re all great people. I just don’t put my life in their hands until it’s absolutely necessary. But when it’s “necessary” I do it. I’m not one of these neanderthals that will not go to a doctor no matter what. I know the doctor’s place in the world, and I understand the value they bring to the table.

For the most part, they usually have it together as far as diagnosis is concerned.  However, how they handle it is always different. One doctor wants to medicate me, the other wants to cut – this is why you need to understand what’s going on before you just accept someone’s assessment of your situation.

If your teeth are a wreck, ans most people’s teeth are, then you want to consider getting all that handled by visiting the local dentist. I know it’s going to be painful, but you need to get it done. And if you have missing teeth, then you need to get down there like yesterday! Missing teeth will kill you faster than anything else.

My father passed away pretty quickly after his teeth fell out. He had two missing teeth, and he never replaced them, and within ten years, he was dead. It wasn’t the missing teeth that killed him, it was his inability to eat his food correctly. He wasn’t turning his food into mush, which gave him the best chance to get all the nourishment from his food.

Of course it didn’t help that he was almost 100 pounds overweight, and never took care of himself at all, but even when he did his best to get back on track, he just was not able to turn the corner. Do I think it was the teeth? No, of course not, but mixed in with everything else, it was  factor – for sure.

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