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When You’re Fat, Your World Is Not As Bright As It Can Be

Pass On The Dessert
Knowing family members who grew up , and I’m not talking about the kind of obese where you look like Detective Sipowicz from NYPD Blue, but the other kind, like comedian Ralphie May – that kind of obese – I know that living in that world is no picnic (pun intended.)

Everything always hurts. Everything you want to do is a hassle. Even small things, like walking to the store, is a monumental task. But the worse is when you have to show up for an event. I saw one of my cousins walk  into a wedding with what looked like a tarp laid out over here, and it was a dress she had made for her. It looked, to put mildly, horrible. If you remember singer Kelly Price when she first hit the music scene, wearing those huge dresses that covered her entire frame – this was a dress that looked similar to that. It was embarrassing – for all involved.

Well, if someone’s obesity can have such an effect, that it causes issues for others, you know that being that overweight brings no joy to anyone’s life. It’s purely negative, and it needs to be remedied – immediately.  People say, “it’s inside what counts,” and that’s a nice way to cover up the fact that your inability to stay the course has caused us to look for other ways to let everyone else know how cool you are.

The truth, what is inside you does count, especially if you what you are putting inside your body is anything but what is considered “healthy” today. We don’t have all the answers. Heck, we still have authors going back and forth on which diets to use, and what supplements to take, but all these years later, we at least have all made the decision that being fat is no longer something to joke about, and laugh away.

It hurts all parties involved. if you are fat, then make the decision to close that part of your life away forever. Food is good, in some instances, great, but there’s more to life than food. And more importantly, there’s is really good food you need to be able to experience – how are you going to do that if you’re glued to your couch? Get up, start exercising, and start getting involved in this thing today!