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Ushering In The New Era of Fitness – Functional Training

Functional fitness on the beach
Functionally Fit

Functional fitness is all the rage today in the training and fitness field. This kind of training, and philosophy, is all based on one’s own ability to simultaneously use muscles in different areas of the body, as well as joints, to improve overall strength, endurance, balance, coordination, agility, and posture.

George Perelshteyn, from The Gravity Training Zone, gives us some tips on how to jump levels in our training progression. Everyone, of course, starts on level one.

LEVEL 1: Isolate and Educate – here we focus on isolating, and building, individual muscles within the body.

LEVEL 2: Add External Resistance – Next we use resistance to increase strength.

LEVEL 3: Add Functional Training Positions – Focusing workouts on the primary movement the person does in their daily routine.

To find out the last two levels, as well get more in-depth information on each of the the levels, visit George at his great article in the link I gave you earlier in the post.