Find Core Muscles For Improving Your Functional Fitness

Are You Really Using All of Your Core Muscles During Your Workouts?

Well, it’s time to discover the true “CORE” of Functional Fitness! Identifying your Core Muscles” is a very essential task to improve posture and attain optimal fitness. By integrating the use of your core muscles into your training program and you will start to notice less back pain, improved posture, better strength, flexibility, mobility and body support, for an active and healthy life.

Functional Fitness is all about efficient movement habits. Improving your body posture and support by strengthening your “Core Muscles” is one of the best places to start to improve whole-body health. Most people are under the misconception that when they’re doing sit ups, that they are already effectively strengthening their whole core by doing crunches and sit-ups. But this is usually not the case, because most of the time people yank and pull with their arms to help get the head and shoulders off the floor, then the thighs kick in and the pelvis tucks, jamming the hips up closer to the ribcage and closing the space needed to really use the core muscles to support the length of the torso while moving which is really what true core strength is all about. And then…

Core Training Is Not Just About Ab Work!

Your abdominal muscles are just but one aspect of effective core muscle training. Core training isn’t just about Ab work! The Abdominal muscles are only a piece of the equation! I continually hear people rant about core training, yet they only work on the Abs, and generally focus on the crunching/curling action of the Rectus Abdominis. In my opinion, this is the last muscle that you should be focusing on to improve “core support” and achieve functional fitness! By finding and using all the true core muscles in your everyday work outs you can enjoy a strong and healthy torso with much less back pain! Functional fitness starts with a strong and healthy Core!

So What Are The True Core Muscles?

The Core is like a box. The Pelvic floor is the floor of the core, while the top is the Diaphragm. The Transverse Abs, Internal and External Obliques, and Rectus Abdominis are in the front. And at the back, it’s our Erector Spinae muscles and Multifidus.

These muscles are the vital elements that we need to focus on and strengthen. The muscles of the core are necessary for spine support and stabilization, and also must work and release appropriately for effective movement.

Do you ever notice or experience back pain after doing lots of sit ups or crunches? This can be caused because other core muscles that are needed for support and assistance most likely are not being effectively used during your exercise! Perhaps, you are not even aware that these other core muscles exist, much less know how to find and use them properly.

Which Muscles Need To Be Worked to Develop Great Core Strength?

ALL the Core muscles (Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm, Transverse Abs, Internal & External Obliques, Rectus Abdominis, Erector Spinae and Multifidus.) should be incorporated in your fitness routine to develop great core strength. Find these muscles during your workouts, then utilize them in your daily activities to further reinforce strength, support, and functional movement for your everyday tasks, sports, and play. Become more aware of each of your core muscles by focusing on them individually during your exercises. Ideally, all these muscles need to be working together to provide body support and to avoid injury.

It’s never too late! Now that you are aware of what your true core muscles are, start incorporating exercises that target each of them during your workouts. Finding balance with your core training exercises and developing all of these muscle groups will definitely strengthen your core support for improved fitness, health and well-being, and of course help you avoid back pain and other chronic nagging injuries.

Start taking positive steps to strengthen ALL the muscles of your Core. Find your Core and discover how much more you will have the strength, power, and control to achieve for improved fitness and whole-body health.


Pilates Matwork can be a great way to focus on improved Core Training!

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