Does Functional Fitness Help With Weight Loss?

Is It In The Mind?

The psychology of exercise almost seems unfair doesn’t it? Seriously, we eat and so we have to “pay for it” by “working it off.” Is that really what fitness and weight loss is about? If so, no wonder so many of us fail and get discouraged when we try getting there. Did you know, for example, it takes about twenty minutes of high intensity running on a treadmill to burn off that one chocolate chip cookie you just ate? Come on!

So what can we do to trim our waist lines, without depriving ourselves and while still gaining health? That’s exactly where functional fitness or core strengthening comes in.

I Know, It’s My Hormones

That’s very possible. We have a lot of them! There’s the thyroid hormone, growth hormones, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and insulin. A proper exercise regimen though, will help you lose fat, and which ultimately leads to weight loss. Aerobic exercise and resistance training, according to a recent study, both decrease body fat percentage. The group that participated in aerobics lost all progress in strength and endurance and even gained all their fat back after only 6 months of quitting.

The resistance crowd after 6 months of quitting, maintained much of its progress and didn’t gain back as much fat. So, in the long run, fat loss and body composition changes aren’t the byproduct of simply exerting oneself in burning off calories.

Shake It Up

In a word, functional fitness means useful fitness. It’s beyond going to the gym and lifting weights. It’s learning to lift everyday things in a way that is healthy for your spinal alignment and allows complete rotation to joints and muscles. In order to train for this level of fitness, dynamic balance is key.

What Is Dynamic Balance?

There are two types of balance in fitness. The first is dynamic. It simply means balancing while moving… like balancing on a tight rope. Rather than just stand on the rope (static=stationary), you decide to walk across it- (dynamic). Without dynamic balance, you’ll wobble and fall off that rope. When you intentionally challenge your balance more of your muscles are engaged in your exercise program, and your entire core will work even harder to allow you to stay balanced. So adding that element that demands this “dynamic balance” (such as a stability or bosu ball) or just doing an exercise while balancing on one leg, adds an intensity that will improve your fitness level and increase your weight loss.

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