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The Royal Court Is King For Functional Fitness

I got started on the functional fitness craze in 2005, after picking up a copy of Matt Furey’s, “Combat Conditioning;” which at the time, was the hottest thing since sliced bread.

I learned about the “Royal Court,” which was three exercises he did not create, invent, or anything else that had originality to it. instead the genius was in the marketing of the material. The guy found some exercises that Indian wrestlers had been doing for hundreds of years, and decided to package them into a fancy-schmancy new name, and sell it to the public.

This was during the early part of the internet days, when marketers were making millions of dollars a year, just selling ebooks. Those days are long gone, but Matt Furey’s program, Combat Conditioning, is still selling like hot cakes on an old-ass sales letter he was set up at his site.

The truth is the Royal Court works like a freakin’ charm – if you work it that is. The Royal Court is made up of Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, and a wrestler’s bridge. And all you do is do as many as you can of each, with the aim of getting to 500 squats, 100 push-ups, and a 3 minute wrestler’s bridge, all in under 30 minutes.

To this day I have not come close to achieving those numbers, but what I have done is built up a nice foundation I can use to work, and play, in all kinds of other activities. I can box better because I have the foundation. I can play basketball better because I have that foundation, Hell, I can even have better sex because of said foundation.

I won’t go into the exercises themselves, because there are many video online where you can find them being executed. in fact, I posted one such video down below:

The exercises kick major butt. As much gimmick as Furey puts into ALL his products, there is just as much real-world application. One of his older products, which he no longer markets, was known as Primate Power. That whole package was a marketing gimmick, but the exercises in there would still give you one helluva workout – and guess what – his marketing caused me to buy the $500 product, so I guess it worked, huh?

You don’t have to spend that type of cash – just use the exercises, and build a serious foundation with which to work other programs with.


On another note, if you’ve read any of my other blog posts you know I’ve been talking a lot about dental implants, and endorsing the hell out of this company called Tooth Implant Pros. These guys went from a tiny operation, into something that looks like it’s gaining traction.

They have partnerships with dental implant dentists in several cities across the United States now. They have a location in Pittsburgh, Colorado Springs, and several in New York City. And they have now opened up a new spot in Washing ton DC – these dudes are getting it in!

If you have missing teeth, a missing tooth, or you need your whole row of teeth replaced – these are the guys you want to talk to. If you happen to be in DC, search dental implants in Washington DC, or call 202-759-8572 for more information.

Are Your Teeth Functionally Fit As Well?

Do Your Teeth Work The Way They Are Supposed To Work?

People in America today are heading to the dentists in droves, because their poor health has affected their teeth. In case you weren’t aware, what you do to your body, affects your teeth. This is why back in the day, horse traders would look at the teeth of the horses they were about to trade up. They were able to determine how healthy the horse was by the condition of their teeth.

Guess what? We are animals too, except we are much more mentally developed animal – but still an animal. Anybody with a little dental training, can look into our mouth, and determine just how healthy we are. That’s what used to make the old time “medicine men” seem like wizards. They were able to determine by the color of your skin, or the color of your eyeball, how healthy, or sick, you were. Today, very few doctors, even with all the training they have, are still able to do that.

This is why it is so important that you make visiting your local dentist a part of your overall health program. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I put very little stock into what my doctor tells me. This is why I see several doctors for the same thing. I usually do a second opinion, but on occasion, have been known to get a third opinion as well.

I like all my doctors. I think they’re all great people. I just don’t put my life in their hands until it’s absolutely necessary. But when it’s “necessary” I do it. I’m not one of these neanderthals that will not go to a doctor no matter what. I know the doctor’s place in the world, and I understand the value they bring to the table.

For the most part, they usually have it together as far as diagnosis is concerned.  However, how they handle it is always different. One doctor wants to medicate me, the other wants to cut – this is why you need to understand what’s going on before you just accept someone’s assessment of your situation.

If your teeth are a wreck, ans most people’s teeth are, then you want to consider getting all that handled by visiting the local dentist. I know it’s going to be painful, but you need to get it done. And if you have missing teeth, then you need to get down there like yesterday! Missing teeth will kill you faster than anything else.

My father passed away pretty quickly after his teeth fell out. He had two missing teeth, and he never replaced them, and within ten years, he was dead. It wasn’t the missing teeth that killed him, it was his inability to eat his food correctly. He wasn’t turning his food into mush, which gave him the best chance to get all the nourishment from his food.

Of course it didn’t help that he was almost 100 pounds overweight, and never took care of himself at all, but even when he did his best to get back on track, he just was not able to turn the corner. Do I think it was the teeth? No, of course not, but mixed in with everything else, it was  factor – for sure.

If you need to replace teeth, and are anywhere near Colorado Springs, then type in cheap dental implants Colorado Springs into your favorite search engines, to find the Tooth Implant Pros. They are a network of implant specialists with offices in New York and Pittsburgh. They are now looking to open up locations in  other parts of the country, so if you are in need of implant treatment, visit their site and give them a call.

When You’re Fat, Your World Is Not As Bright As It Can Be

Pass On The Dessert
Knowing family members who grew up , and I’m not talking about the kind of obese where you look like Detective Sipowicz from NYPD Blue, but the other kind, like comedian Ralphie May – that kind of obese – I know that living in that world is no picnic (pun intended.)

Everything always hurts. Everything you want to do is a hassle. Even small things, like walking to the store, is a monumental task. But the worse is when you have to show up for an event. I saw one of my cousins walk  into a wedding with what looked like a tarp laid out over here, and it was a dress she had made for her. It looked, to put mildly, horrible. If you remember singer Kelly Price when she first hit the music scene, wearing those huge dresses that covered her entire frame – this was a dress that looked similar to that. It was embarrassing – for all involved.

Well, if someone’s obesity can have such an effect, that it causes issues for others, you know that being that overweight brings no joy to anyone’s life. It’s purely negative, and it needs to be remedied – immediately.  People say, “it’s inside what counts,” and that’s a nice way to cover up the fact that your inability to stay the course has caused us to look for other ways to let everyone else know how cool you are.

The truth, what is inside you does count, especially if you what you are putting inside your body is anything but what is considered “healthy” today. We don’t have all the answers. Heck, we still have authors going back and forth on which diets to use, and what supplements to take, but all these years later, we at least have all made the decision that being fat is no longer something to joke about, and laugh away.

It hurts all parties involved. if you are fat, then make the decision to close that part of your life away forever. Food is good, in some instances, great, but there’s more to life than food. And more importantly, there’s is really good food you need to be able to experience – how are you going to do that if you’re glued to your couch? Get up, start exercising, and start getting involved in this thing today!

The Body Benefits From Dental Implants

Benefiting from dental implants
Dental Implant Benefits

Many people who lose their teeth in their adult years constantly look forward to finding appropriate replacements. What they actually require is known as dental implants. These are artificial roots that are inserted into the jaw to hold replacement teeth in place. They are very convenient for victims of teeth loss due to gum disease, trauma, or any other reason for missing teeth. Discovering the ideal implant and the best dentist to perform the procedure is necessary. It makes sure one receives quality service that considers a patient’s more valuable than just the money they use to invest in the procedure.

Factors for Dental Implants
These treatments are typically done for a range of reasons. They are most helpful for people who have oral health concerns, and/or missing teeth; individuals who wish to have a full smile, enhance their speech, or who do not want to put on dentures.

Dangers That Are Involved
There are dangers included relying on the type of surgical procedure. There are couple of cases of complications that do happen and therefore one ought to understand prior to beginning with the procedure. Most of the dangers are typically small however; and are quickly treated. A few of the dangers consist of; nerve damage, sinus issues which result in tingling or discomfort, as well as injury to other teeth. In order to have successful oral surgery, one ought to prepare early and stay clear of destructive routines such as smoking and preserve healthy dental hygiene.

Nowadays, however, tooth implants are extensively recommended by dental practitioners. Tooth implants are a technique which uses screws to embed the implant into the jaw bones to change the decomposed out root. After at some point, titanium screws will certainly be integrated into the jaw bone and could help to produce a perfectly steady position in the jaw. After stabilizing, the prosthetic crown will be put over the implant, assisting to change the lost tooth entirely. After tooth implants, the tooth will really operate as it did previously.

The advantages of tooth implants are that the stability accomplished by this implant can not be as compared to the other approaches. Unlike other choices, the biocompatible titanium gets fused with the bone totally and the stability which the brand-new tooth develops, restores the normal performance of the teeth.

If you live in NYC, or are visiting, check out dental implants Brooklyn NY for more information.

Using Dental Implants Strengthen Your Teeth And Your Body

Dental Implant Procedure

When you lose a tooth, you need to see a dental expert who can offer real world alternatives to assist in re-creating the smile you had at one point in your life. Standard approaches include replacement of the tooth with dental bridges or removable dentures. today however, the use of dental implants to carry that load has exploded.

Two main types of dental implants exist. They consist of subperiosteal implants put on the bone and endosteal implants placed in the bone. Their use depends on specific features and for that reason are perfect fits for certain age demographics. Subperiosteal implants for example, are excellent for patients not able to put on dentures and those having minimal bone height. Endosteal implants, which uses screws and blades, are more frequently used with patients that use detachable
dentures and bridges.

There are various types of surgical procedures that are carried out
based on the kind of implant a patient selects. In addition, the type
of jawbone the doctor has to work with, and the condition it is in,
will certainly determine what options they have as well. Dental
surgeries are generally done step by step, but they are all
incorporated under one single treatment.

Surgical treatment may have to be performed to fix any issues you might be experiencing with your jaw; so that you have a strong base with which to place your implant on. After surgery is completed, it is always a good idea to wait a minimum of one month to enable total healing. This type of surgery is known as an irreversible procedure, meanings you probably will never need to go back to the dental expert, for that specific tooth, after a successful implant.

Ushering In The New Era of Fitness – Functional Training

Functional fitness on the beach
Functionally Fit

Functional fitness is all the rage today in the training and fitness field. This kind of training, and philosophy, is all based on one’s own ability to simultaneously use muscles in different areas of the body, as well as joints, to improve overall strength, endurance, balance, coordination, agility, and posture.

George Perelshteyn, from The Gravity Training Zone, gives us some tips on how to jump levels in our training progression. Everyone, of course, starts on level one.

LEVEL 1: Isolate and Educate – here we focus on isolating, and building, individual muscles within the body.

LEVEL 2: Add External Resistance – Next we use resistance to increase strength.

LEVEL 3: Add Functional Training Positions – Focusing workouts on the primary movement the person does in their daily routine.

To find out the last two levels, as well get more in-depth information on each of the the levels, visit George at his great article in the link I gave you earlier in the post.


Teeth Are Critical In Processing Meals For Proper Nutrition

When you consider health and wellness, you typically think about A Completed Tooth Implantsomebody training at the health club and eating salads, yes? Well, an increasing number of science research is telling us that health and wellness originates from within, and makes it’s way the physical form via identification factors like skin, look, hair, eye color, nails, breath, and also teeth.

Let’s talk concerning teeth. In fact, a lot of people barely ever use their teeth, and finish up swallowing their food almost exactly as it looked in it’s original solid state.

If this takes place with individuals that do have their teeth, what are the implications for somebody which has missing teeth? Well, lots of research studies have actually suggested that missing out on teeth leads to a much shorter life-span.

Among the foundation is that which we take into the physical body – the meals and water we drink. If the meals cannot be refined effectively because of missing out on teeth, than it does not matter if you are consuming the cleanest meats and grains due to the fact that the physical body could not extract what is very important from them. Among the fastest, and many dependable means to simulate genuine teeth is through dental implants.

When folks consume right, and take care of their teeth, they do not lose them; or have them drop out. The key then is to have a mouth complete with a workable set of teeth, or fabricated teeth, that execute the very same function.

If you are in necessity of fixing your oral wellness problems, you may desire to see the Tooth Implant Pros. For the best dental implants in Queens, or Brooklyn, browse through the Tooth Implant Pros, and restore your oral health – the most essential part of the meals digestion procedure.

Functional Fitness Training May Just Change Your Life

Functional Fitness Makes Pull Ups Easier
Pull Ups Are A Breeze For Functional Fitness Superheroes

Functional fitness combines explosive movement, gut-wrenching slow movement, and everything else in between; to provide you with a system of training that, in my opinion, is the best, and safest, way to get you the results you truly desire.

I say “truly” because most people believe they want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, until they hit the gym, and realize that if they just got stronger, looked better, and felt more confident about how they could perform in life – everything else is a distant second. This is what functional fitness can do for you, and it can do it for you in a way that provides the most injury-free exercises. Why? Because, for the most part, functional fitness focuses on using your own body to get you the results you need; through stretching and bodyweight exercises.

Once your body has been conquered, moving on to more advanced training is the natural progression; and is done with a focus on increasing performance that truly makes you stronger than even most bodybuilders. I know, sounds a little insane, huh? Truth is many bodybuilders are grossly out of shape. Ask them to run 3 miles with you, many have a hard time getting through it. Ask them to run 5, and you will be lucky if they reach the finish line with you.

Ask a bodybuilder to keep up with a functionally fit athlete doing pull-ups. Many will bow out after 10-12. How the heck can that be? Unfortunately, many bodybuilders train to look good, but their bodies, and secondary, and tertiary, muscles, are still relatively weak. Functional Fitness Superheroes looks at the freaks of nature in this field of fitness, and tries to discover how us mere mortals can get some of those same results. I hope to have you on the ride!